Why Are Handwriting Gifts So Special? Fancy Front Porch

Why Are Handwriting Gifts So Special? Fancy Front Porch

Posted by Stacy Barber on

Let's be honest... When was the last time you sat down and wrote a heartfelt, sentimental note to the people you love most?

Me? Well, I can't remember.  

If something were to happen to me tomorrow, my boys and my husband wouldn't have any sentimental love notes to hang on to, and that makes me sad.

In my case, everything I do is via text message, Facebook, or email, which is not the most sincere sentiment.  Yes, my husband could go back and re-read our text messages and pine over how much I loved him and hang on to every word, but it just wouldn't hold as much weight.

So, that's why I love making sentimental handwriting gifts. 

They're meaningful and tangible pieces of your loved one that you can treasure long after they're gone.  

My boys can look back at the love notes I once wrote for them and remember just how much Mama loved them. They can also listen to my voice with my voice recording signs.

Take it from someone who has experienced a great deal of loss in a short period of time.  You always wish for something once it's gone.

If you don't have something, do it now.  We may not be here tomorrow.

All my love,